We are a Network of Knowledge bridging cities, buildings, people and technology.

CONNECTED: Things about future, cities and people

The innovative EU funded project “Connected: Things about future, cities and people”, initiated by NUDA and Zeppelin, investigates the interaction between digital technologies and classic exhibition modelling. We wanted to tell a different story about how the growing and intelligent society from four different cities could overlap experiences and findings about the future through a common digital platform, and provide a basis for new ideas of how to co-create a new social contract between European citizens.

In Amsterdam, Archis through small communities builds itself a floating neighborhood and regenerates a polluted and abandoned part of the city in the process. Fargfabriken introduced “Stockholm on the move” as an example of democratic planning, that also proved to be profitable. From Bergen we heard about edible cities or parks for over 60 communities. Romania was represented by organizations that started from almost nothing but innovated through hi-tech bricolage, build-up public space, educated future urban citizens, saved a built heritage, build-up art, communities, and international networks.

This was the first NUDA project written where we investigated how our integrated model bridging Cities, Buildings, People and Technology could look like, and function to create a more holistic approach to planning cities and socities as a whole.


If your organisation needs help to get EEA or EU projects on track and delivered with high quality, our three service areas will contribute to this.

Signature Partner

We provide our main services in EEA and EU-funded projects as a signature partner where Norwegian partners are required to get projects and project funding approved.

Connecting people and organisations

We offer the opportunity to get in touch with our Network of Knowledge. Often we see a necessary need for collaboration across professions to solve projects, add extended knowledge to lectures, seminars and conferences. We have more than 15 years of experience in connecting people and organizations in unconventional ways.

Management and program support

We have long and broad experience in project management related to EEA and EU-funded projects. In addition, we are often asked to support various conferences, seminars, training initiatives with writing and structuring of program content, as well as suggestions for topics and speakers. We are experts in early-stage projects and concept development.

Since 2005, NUDA has developed a broad international Network of Knowledge, and contributed to raise awareness of urban design in Norway. EEA and EU projects are at the heart of NUDA's business deliveries, but we offer our services to other projects on several occasions if it is relevant to our core business.



Bergen, 15.02.2022

In this project, Transylvania's Ethnographic Museum, in collaboration with the Technical University of Cluj - Napoca and Nordic Urban Design Agency (NUDA), use innovative techniques such as virtual reality (VR technology) to let visitors get to know the church better. As part of the pandemic, issues have been raised concerned accessibility in many areas of society, especially related to elderly and children. One area is access to history, knowledge, and museums. What if exhibitions could be accessible digitally, and in combination with VR experiences in the museum?


Bergen, 15.12.2021

Transylvania's Ethnographic Museum has a collection of over 100,000 objects, including several icons painted on glass from the traditional painting school located in the Sebeș Valley. In this project, Transylvania's Ethnographic Museum, in collaboration with the Technical University of Cluj - Napoca and the Nordic Urban Design Agency (NUDA), focuses on the value of stained glass paintings using innovative techniques, such as virtual reality (VR technology). NUDA has prepared a planning tool for the exhibition which can later also be used for other exhibitions.


Bergen, 10.08.2021

Håkon Iversen is Chairman and Partner. He founded NUDA in 2005 as Nordic Urban Design Association. In 2021 he changed the name to Nordic Urban Design Agency. The intention was to develop urban design towards a more innovative forward-looking tool for shaping cities. Since the inaugural NUDA conference “Cities of Tomorrow” in 2006, his work has centered around the idea of connecting cities, buildings, people, and technology closer together as one whole. Filling the gaps between and pulling down silos. NUDA is a network platform, which has been basis for all conferences, seminars, workshops, projects and events initiated.