By connecting cultural heritage, the city and the region together

The International Architect and Urban Design Competition was launched by the County Council and conducted in partnership with the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania. It was written and initiated by Nordic Urban Design Association (NUDA), as an important extension of the developed Master Content Plan (MCP) for the outdoor museum. The competition was supported by the Romanian Order of Architects.

The intention was to provide with solutions for how “Revitalizing the area of the Ethnographic Park Romulus Vuia – Hoia Forest, Cluj-Napoca” could be taken further from the EEA funded project and implemented.

The contest aims to identify the best ideas for the development and extension of the Ethographic Park Romulus Vuia, both physically and functionally. The competition aspires to encourage creativity, and to promote new personalized ideas in urban planning which is compatible to the cultural spirit and to the site`s spirituality. In order to be able to participate in the contest, whose total prizes where 72,000 lei, the potential competitors had to meet a number of criterias, both of general nature related to the criteria of qualification and selection of the candidates in accordance with Law no 98/2006, concerning the public procurement and specific conditions related necessity of enrolment of the potential candidates in a specialized profession. I.e. the architect(s) has to be member of the Architects Order in Romania or in another international equivalent organisation.

After making the proposals of solutions, a jury made of outstanding Romanian and foreign specialists – Håkon Iversen, Constantin Gorcea, Stefano D’Avino, Horia Marinescu, Trond Tystad, Kazmer Kovacs, Claudiu Salanță şi Ioana Tudora, together with the director of the Transylvanian Museum of Ethnography, Tudor Sălăgean, took upon the task to select the projects that got the highest scores after applying the evaluation criteria.

The winning project had to meet two sets of evaluation criterias, each one equally with 50 %. The first criterion is the satisfaction of the functional-architectural proposed solution, this one needing to have a functional logic and an aesthetic relationship with the park neighbourhood and with the city, respectively to frame in terms of cost of the limit proposed by the project initiators. The second criterion was about the architectural-artistic value added to the investment, more exactly to the level of novelty and plastic expressivity brought in terms of increasing the attractiveness of the area, the created landscape atmosphere, the feasibility and sustainability of the proposal, and also the design of closeness and interpretation of the rural tradition.

The winner, Alice Florean Architects, was awarded the 1st prize of 31,500 lei, to whom the contract of design of the implementation was assigned. The contract has an estimated value of 535,076 lei without VAT.

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